Construction and rental

Drafting and screening contracts from the angles of construction law, planning law, real estate law and rental law

Contracts for the sale of land; apartment ownership; rental agreements; purchasing law and right of pre-emption; division of land into plots; mortgage notes; mortgage assignments; agreements on easements; contracts for works; mandates; general or total contractor’s contracts; legacy pollution; environment etc.

Advice on all notarial matters and drawing up all kinds of deeds

Contracts for the purchase of land; apartment ownership; division of land into plots; mortgage notes; agreements on easements etc.

Advice and representation in matters of public and private construction law, planning law and real estate law

Establishing and rescheduling zones; special use plans; building permits; objections; expropriation; neighbouring rights; distance from boundaries; building tradesmen’s mortgage rights etc.

Advice and representation on all matters of tenancy law

Our lawyers for tenancy law can answer your questions regarding rental policies; claims araising from tenancy agreements (utilities, rent, excessive wear, reduction related to defects in the rental object, right of retention); expulsion of tenants; renovation of properties etc.

Business and tax consultancy for all types of property transactions

Representation in all court proceedings on matters of construction and rental

Arbitration bodies, ordinary courts, rent tribunals, commercial courts or arbitration tribunals