Construc­tion & Real Estate

Construc­tion & Real Estate

We provide comprehensive support to contractors, developers, architects, engineers, craftsmen and those affected by construction projects in all areas of construction and planning law, contract law and real estate law.

Construc­tion & Real Estate
  • Advice on public construction and planning law

    Our construction attorneys support and advise you comprehensively in the realm of public construction and planning law, in particular in building permit procedures, special land use planning procedures (e.g. Gestaltungspläne [special building project plans]), the filing of objections, drafting of special building regulations, in cases of zoning and rezoning, expropriations, in matters of neighbour's rights, issues relating to contaminated sites, cultural heritage law, historic preservation and environmental law (e.g. environmental sustainability studies, the law governing noise pollution), etc.

  • Advice on private construction law

    Our firm supports you on questions concerning contracts for work and services, agency contracts, planning agreements, construction management agreements, general contractor agreements or total contractor agreements. We prepare the necessary agreements for you and also represent you in contractual disputes. If necessary, we create building contractor’s liens for you or assist you in dealing with claims for remediation of construction defects.

  • Advice on real estate law

    Our construction attorneys and notaries support you in contract matters involving the sale of real property, condominium ownership, options and rights of first refusal, subdivisions of land, promissory notes, mortgage notes, easement contracts etc. In tenancy law, as well, we have specialised attorneys for tenants as well as landlords, real estate managers and real estate companies.

  • Preparing and reviewing contracts

    We prepare and review all of your contracts relating to private construction and real estate law. These include, for example, contracts for work and services, agency contracts, planning agreements, general contractor agreements, construction management agreements and contracts for the purchase of land or building rights. Careful drafting of contracts is one of the best means of avoiding legal disputes and court proceedings.

  • Extrajudicial and in court representation

    We support you in all matters relating to public construction and planning law, private construction law and real estate law, in extrajudicial negotiations as well as in proceedings before conciliation authorities, ordinary courts, commercial courts or arbitration tribunals in Lucerne and throughout Switzerland.

  • Notarial services

    Our notaries of the Canton of Lucerne undertake all necessary notarisations in relation to real estate transactions. Our experienced notaries assist you with contracts for the purchase of real estate, building rights, the granting of usufructs and rights of abode (Wohnrechte), the creation of easements such as waivers of boundary clearance or contracts for rights of way, the creation of condominium or the subdivision of tracts of land. For more information, please refer to Notarial services.

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Construc­tion & Real Estate

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