State, taxation and administration

Advice and representation in all matters of public law

Public building and planning law; infrastructure law; environmental law; expropriation; licensing; state liability; law on economic administration; public procurement procedures; civil service law; expert opinions for the authorities; public medicine and healthcare law; agreements under administrative law; public private partnerships etc.

Advice and representation in matters of energy law or electricity law

Power supply law (opening of the market, access to the market and basic supply, mains connections, utilisation of the mains and energy supply, energy trading etc.); energy act (renewable energies, KEV [cost-covering power pricing] etc.); proceedings before special authorities (ElCom, competition commission, price watchdog); expert opinions for the authorities; general terms and conditions of business; authorisations and licenses for hydraulic engineering projects (such as water rights licenses, construction and planning law, public procurement) together with pipeline construction projects (e.g. planning authorisation procedures, licenses for special use, construction rights and rights of way for pipelines, incorporation of companies, joint ownership agreements etc).

Advice and representation on tax law

In this area we work together with selected partners to assist companies and private clients on matters of tax planning and tax optimisation, tax proceedings and criminal tax proceedings, estate planning, restructuring operations under company law, M&A transactions, new business establishments, general taxation and equivalent charges, inheritance taxes, gift taxes, change of ownership and property gains taxes etc.

Representation in all proceedings under administrative law

All authorities, ordinary administrative courts or special courts