Public deeds

Setting up legal entities and companies

Incorporation of a corporation (Ltd.), a limited liability company (LLC) or a foundation; setting up a subsidiary company or branch establishment etc.

Restructuring of companies

Merger, demerger or conversion of companies; asset transfers; amendment of articles of incorporation; capital increases or reductions; changes of membership of boards of directors or management; transfer of registered office; other transactions involving the register of commerce etc.

Official records of real estate transactions

Land purchase contracts; donations; purchase law and pre-emption law; establishment of apartment properties; establishing building rights, usufruct or residential rights; easement agreements (right to build in closer proximity, rights of way etc.); division of land into sections or plots; other transactions at the land registry office etc.

Deeds under marital and inheritance law

Marital contracts (modified participation in acquired assets, shared ownership or division of goods); asset agreements; inheritance agreements; combined marital and inheritance agreements; advance care directive; recording last wills and testamentary dispositions etc.).

Certification of signatures and other official deeds as well as apostilles

Notarial and official certifications of signatures and documents by our notary's office in Lucerne valid for Switzerland and abroad; organisation of apostilles (apostille service) or legalisations from embassies and consulates as well as other notarial certifications.

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