ICT, IP and competition

Advice and representation on information technology, telecommunications and media

Advice and assistance with drawing up IT contracts (licence agreements, SLAs, project agreements, maintenance agreements, cooperation agreements etc.); domain disputes; legal accompaniment of Internet projects such as online shops or online marketing programs; advice on data protection law, opinions and expert appraisals of data protection matters, development and review of data protection concepts and privacy policies, legal accompaniment of surveys etc.

Advice and representation on trademarks, design and copyright

Registration and maintenance of intellectual property, in particular trademarks and designs; development of trademark strategies; opposition and invalidity proceedings; subsequent searches and surveillance of trademarks etc.

Advice and representation on competition, anti-trust and distribution matters

Advice and representation in proceedings under competition law and anti-trust law in civil courts or arbitration tribunals and also in relation to the competition authorities; unfair competition; distribution agreements (sole distribution or exclusive supply contracts); agency contracts; franchise contracts; general terms and conditions of business; support and representation in public procurement matters; energy regulations etc.

Representation in all proceedings involving ICT, IP and competition matters

Competition authorities, ordinary courts, commercial courts or arbitration tribunals.